Transportation Tax Season 2021

The blue wave has arrived. The democratic party has control over the House, Senate, and Presidency. What does this mean for transportation businesses? It will be a lot easier to implement tax reform. The Paycheck Protection Program is back, the relief program for businesses with 500 or fewer employees; this tax season covers Tax Planning and CFO Services.

Hire a Tax Professional

Hiring an experienced expert can make a difference. The key here though is to plan in advance! Don’t wait until the dreaded deadline each year, April 15, to start thinking about tax savings.

7 Tax Strategies for Freight/Trucking Business Owners

The number of Freight/Trucking business owners who I have met that are overpaying on their taxes is astonishing. Many of them were already working with a CPA and thought there was nothing they could do about it.

2021 Transportation Taxes

Last year was difficult for construction companies. Contractors depleted their backlogs quicker than they could replenish them. Do you want to close out 2021 in the best financial position? It’s time for tax planning!