Tax Season 2021

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Capital Gains, A Retroactive Timeline

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Changes coming to Capital Gains

With the new tax hikes proposal developed this week in Washington, there are notable changes coming to your capital gains and dividend income taxing.

  • Currently, if you own stock recognized for gain, expect a top tax rate of 20% on that gain.
  • Under the new proposed bill, that rate will bump up to 25%, including another medicare surcharge for high income investors; your rate would push up to 28.8%!
  • There is a pressure for another wealth tax on individuals making 5 million or more, who would see another 3% tax raise. The 20% tax rate on capital gains can raise as high as 31.8% for some individuals.

That’s just the federal rate.

If you live in a state that taxes capital gains, you’re going to see an additional tax on top of it, leaving certain individuals with marginal capital gains rates past 40%.

A true tax hike.

In addition, the proposal specifies the change will take effect retroactive to September, disallowing investors from selling their position before the change gets enacted into law.

How do you plan for the upcoming Capital Gain Changes?

This is precisely what my team and I are helping hundreds of business owners with, planning for 2021 and 2022 with and without these changes.

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