Tax Season 2021

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SBA Debt Relief Program

6 Months of Payments for 7a, 504, and Micro-loans

  • The SBA may pay up to six months of principal, interest, and fees for 7a, 504, and Micro-loans (excluding PPP loans).
  • This SBA provides the help automatically

For Loans Not on Deferment

  • SBA will make monthly payments based on next payment due; total amount equivalent to six months of payments.

For Loans Currently on Deferment

  • The SBA will make monthly payments. First payment due after deferment period ends; the total amount is equivalent to six months of payments.

Additional Debt Relief Help

  • The Economic Aid Act provides debt relief payments to 7a, 504, and Micro-loan borrowers beyond the six-month period prescribed in the CARES Act.

Disaster Home and Business Loans

  • Borrowers resume scheduled payments prior March 31, 2022, unless borrower voluntarily continues making payments while on deferment
  • Note that the interest continues to accrue on the Loan

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