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Tax Deductions: 4 Health Care Tax Strategies for your Business

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Using your Health Care to Maximize your Tax Deductions

Health Care is one of the most powerful tax strategies available to maximize the tax savings for your business. As a business owner, you have more options to save on healthcare and insurance costs:

  1. S-Corp shareholders with 2% or more, can either receive a reimbursement for health insurance premiums or the S-Corp can pay the health insurance premiums directly.
  2. The S-Corp can deduct the cost under either method. The W-2 earnings for the shareholder must include the amount paid for health premium, and then the shareholder uses 1040 to deduct the premiums as self-employed health insurance deduction.
  3. Partners may also elect the same treatment for insurance premiums; since partners shouldn’t be paid wages or salary from a partnership they own, premiums should be included as Guaranteed Payments .
  4. Sole-proprietors can pay for and deduct insurance premiums using their 1040 as a self-employed health insurance deduction.

Filing taxes to maximize your health care savings can be a frustrating task. I’d be happy to help you with your tax preparation:

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