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Legal Entity Tax Strategy:
S-Corporation to C-Corporation

Picture of a business owner walking into a C-Corporation structure to benefit from the tax savings

A C-Corporation structure may be more beneficial

Do you own a business where substantial profits are being reinvested into the business rather than being given to owners?


A C-Corporation structure may be more beneficial. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, corporate income tax rates are a flat 21% compared to individual tax rates on pass-through income that are likely much higher.

The tax savings calculation will be the differential between the individual owner’s tax rates and the corporate tax rate.

Many of my clients have achieved significant results in implementing this tax strategy. Performing a prior analysis of your business can determine if you would benefit from this tax strategy, as the savings range from $5000 to an unlimited amount.

How much money is your CPA saving you on tax payments this year?

Many elements of tax planning are quite simple, but it’s always worth speaking with a CFO who can offer you additional guidance on how to work within the tax system successfully.

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