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Reduce your taxes by 40-80% even if you are already working with an Accountant or CPA

Our 1,500+ strategies can help Insurance Agencies increase Cash Flow and reduce Taxes by 40% or more.


The Reality Check

You might think your accountant or CPA fully manages your insurance agency’s tax strategies. Often, their focus is on compliance, not tax saving.

What if you could strategically lower your tax bill beyond standard accounting practices?

As your specialized tax strategist, I look beyond just compliance, actively seeking ways to reduce your agency’s tax expenses.

My team digs into the tax code to identify the most potent tax reduction strategies:

  • Legal Entity Optimization
  • Maximize Tax Deductions
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance and Protection of Assets
  • Niche-Specific Strategies
  • Strategies for Business Exit

Data Collection & In-Depth Analysis

Collecting detailed data for effective tax planning in insurance can seem daunting, but our secure system streamlines it. Our cutting-edge AI quickly processes your tax details.

Then, using an advanced calculator, we devise a tax-saving strategy specifically designed for your insurance agency’s unique tax circumstances, ensuring a customized approach to reduce your tax liabilities efficiently.

Savings with 1,500+ Tax Strategies

Translating complex tax data into actionable insights is crucial. Our report lets you see a comprehensive breakdown of potential tax reduction strategies tailored to your business.

By presenting the information in an easy-to-understand format, you can quickly grasp where savings opportunities lie and how we can implement them effectively.

Pioneering Tax Optimization

While many tax optimization tools provide basic estimates, our service dives deeper into your agency’s financial situation, offering a detailed analysis of our tax strategy for any year.

We move beyond simple savings, employing strategic choices and thorough reorganizations to redefine tax reduction excellence, ensuring your agency benefits from a superior, customized tax planning approach.

Tax Proposals & Plans for You

Our advanced tax planning system creates in-depth strategies and advice for your agency. The report includes a clear outline:

  • Strategy summaries
  • Analysis of previous overpayments
  • Future savings projections
  • Comprehensive list of strategies
  • Necessary documentation
  • Detailed savings estimate per strategy.

We aim to deliver straightforward, professional tax solutions that are easy to act upon, ensuring your agency is positioned for optimal tax efficiency.

What Our Clients Say

I have always been pretty selective as to who I hire to prepare my tax returns as they are pretty complex and have the potential of creating unwanted as well unneeded problems with the IRS if not prepared correctly. Back in 2016 I became dissatisfied with my tax preparer at the time and decided to allow Mr Omar the opportunity to prepare my return for tax year 2017. I was very satisfied with the manner in which Mr. Omar prepared my return for that tax year and have employed him exclusively since then.
Carlos Cavazos
We've utilized Omar and his team for various services such as: Accounting, Financial Modeling, Financial Projections, Systems Implementation, and Tax Preparation. They have been extremely good to work with personally, but they have also helped our clients move their businesses as well. Much more than a normal CPA that takes financials and prepares/submits tax forms. I highly recommend working with them if you want an Accounting / Financial partner to dive into your business.
Rhett Jessop
I have been a client of Secure Plus for a few years now and love working with them. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and have great intentions in bettering your business. I always recommend Secure Plus to family and friends for taxes or anyone who’s interested in extending their business. Omar has been a huge help to my business. Genuinely, I wouldn’t get this far if it wasn’t for his guidance.
Itzel Garcia

Our Dedicated Team

Erick Lorini

Chief Tech Officer

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Omar A. Garcia

Founder & CEO

Picture of Omar A. Garcia, Founder & CEO of Secure Plus Financial, a financial services and tax advisory firm that works alongside clients to implement tax planning, bookkeeping, tax preparation, CFO services, payroll, insurance, retirement planning, investment, and financial planning.

John Rickard

VP of Sales

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Iryna Hlinina


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Start Reducing Your Taxes!

Uncover tax-saving strategies that go beyond standard accountant or CPA services. Tap into specialized tax reduction designed specifically for your financial situation.