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Reduce your taxes by 40-80% even if you are already working with an Accountant or CPA

Our 1,500+ strategies can help Manufacturing Companies increase Cash Flow and reduce Taxes by 40% or more.


The Reality Check

You might think your accountant or CPA is actively working on tax reduction for you throughout the year. The reality, however, is that many professionals focus on compliance.

What if there’s a way to reduce that tax bill strategically, even if you already work with an accountant or CPA?

As your dedicated tax strategist, I go beyond compliance to proactively find ways to save you money on taxes. Experience the difference with my specialized approach.

My team digs into the tax code to identify the most potent tax reduction strategies:

  • Legal Entity Optimization
  • Maximize Tax Deductions
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance and Protection of Assets
  • Niche-Specific Strategies
  • Strategies for Business Exit

Data Collection & In-Depth Analysis

Collecting comprehensive data for precise tax reduction can be challenging, but with our encrypted system, we simplify this step. We use advanced scanning technology to analyze tax information swiftly.

Following this, our advanced calculator utilizes your tax information to craft a strategic tax reduction plan tailored to your unique tax situation.

Savings with 1,500+ Tax Strategies

Translating complex tax data into actionable insights is crucial. Our report lets you see a comprehensive breakdown of potential tax reduction strategies tailored to your business.

By presenting the information in an easy-to-understand format, you can quickly grasp where savings opportunities lie and how we can implement them effectively.

Pioneering Tax Optimization

Most tax optimization tools offer rudimentary calculations that only hint at potential savings. In contrast, our analysis delves deeper, illustrating your financial landscape under our tax plan for any given year.

From strategic selections to comprehensive reorganizations, our approach to tax reduction sets a new standard.

Tax Proposals & Plans for You

Using our state-of-the-art tax planner system, we craft comprehensive tax strategies and recommendations tailored to your needs. Our detailed report delivers:

  • A concise table of contents
  • A customizable strategy overview
  • Estimation of any prior year overpayments (if applicable)
  • Projections of current and future year savings
  • An exhaustive list of recommended strategies
  • Supporting documents
  • Breakdown of estimated savings for each strategy

We’re dedicated to presenting you with clear, actionable tax strategies in a manner that’s both professional and accessible.

What Our Clients Say

I have been a client of Secure Plus for a few years now and love working with them. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and have great intentions in bettering your business. I always recommend Secure Plus to family and friends for taxes or anyone who’s interested in extending their business. Omar has been a huge help to my business. Genuinely, I wouldn’t get this far if it wasn’t for his guidance.
Itzel Garcia
Excellent person and financial advisor, very professional in his work. 5 years ago I decided to change with him and it was the best decision, he has the appropriate answer to every question I have and he explains everything step by step.
Karina De Bohorquez
Overall excellent service! I have been coming here for all my financial needs for years and the staff is always friendly and attentive. They really aim to care for your individual needs at an affordable price. Omar is the absolute best!!! He always greets me with a smile and makes sure to go above and beyond to ensure I am understanding everything clearly.
Lexa Cepeda

Our Dedicated Team

Erick Lorini

Chief Tech Officer

Picture of Erick Lorini, Marketing Director and Chief Financial Officer at Secure Plus Financial

Omar A. Garcia

Founder & CEO

Picture of Omar A. Garcia, Founder & CEO of Secure Plus Financial, a financial services and tax advisory firm that works alongside clients to implement tax planning, bookkeeping, tax preparation, CFO services, payroll, insurance, retirement planning, investment, and financial planning.

John Rickard

VP of Sales

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Iryna Hlinina


Picture of Iryna Hlinina, Tax Accountant at Secure Plus Financial

Start Reducing Your Taxes!

Discover transformative tax-saving strategies, even if you’re already working with an Accountant or CPA. Experience the potential of strategic tax reduction tailored to your unique financial landscape.