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Tax Reduction for Truckers: Save 40-80% of Cash Flow

Our team specializes in helping Trucking, Freight, and Logistics Companies to increase Cash Flow by 40% or more.

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Cut your tax bill!​

With over 85 proven tax strategies at our disposal, we don’t just reduce your tax bill; we transform the way you manage your finances.

We dive deep into your business financial situation to identify the most effective strategies, from deductions and credits to more sophisticated tax planning techniques.

Our goal is to minimize your current tax liability and set a solid foundation for ongoing tax efficiency.

We provide specialized tax reduction strategies to enhance your trucking business's profitability:

  • Industry-specific Tax Deductions
  • Expense Optimization
  • Depreciation Strategies
  • Accounting Efficiency
  • Long-Term Tax Planning
  • 85+ Tax Reduction Proven Strategies

Increase Your Cash Flow!​

Collecting comprehensive data for precise tax reduction can be challenging, but with our encrypted system, we simplify this step. We use advanced scanning technology to analyze tax information swiftly.

Following this, our advanced calculator utilizes your tax information to craft a strategic tax reduction plan tailored to your unique tax situation.

Tax Reduction for Truckers

We specialize in empowering trucking businesses with comprehensive financial and tax reduction services.

Our dedicated team understands your unique challenges and offers specialized solutions, including financial forecasting, tax reduction planning, cash flow analysis, and budgeting.

Experience the difference of a proactive financial partner, ensuring smooth operations, compliance, and remarkable financial growth in the trucking industry.

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Our Dedicated Team

Erick Lorini

Chief Tech Officer

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Omar A. Garcia

Founder & CEO

Picture of Omar A. Garcia, Founder & CEO of Secure Plus Financial, a financial services and tax advisory firm that works alongside clients to implement tax planning, bookkeeping, tax preparation, CFO services, payroll, insurance, retirement planning, investment, and financial planning.

John Rickard

VP of Sales

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Iryna Hlinina


Picture of Iryna Hlinina, Tax Accountant at Secure Plus Financial

Testimonials from Trucking Companies

I run a one-man trucking business and had a great experience working with Mr. Garcia! His team was professional and efficient in getting my taxes done. They provided me with the best possible advice for my unique situation and I'm very satisfied with the result. I realized how much money I lost in prior years because of an issue I had with the IRS. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of tax preparation services.
I can get a hold of someone if I have a question. That makes a huge difference. If I have a question, and the person with the solution is on the other side of my phone, that's a win-win for me, and I think that's one of the biggest things I enjoyed by working with Secure Plus Financial.
I’m extremely satisfied with the tax services that Mr. Garcia and his team have provided us. His firm helped my trucking business save $16,000+ last year. I couldn’t believe how much money we could have lost because I thought my accountant was helping us save money in taxes. I recommend this firm to any trucking business owner out there looking for help with their high tax bill.

Need to maximize tax deductions?

Our experts identify opportunities in your trucking business to reduce tax payments, freeing up capital for operational needs or investment opportunities.