Tax Reduction Services

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Understanding Tax Reduction

Tax Reduction is key to optimizing business cash flow. Navigating tax laws requires specialized expertise. We use strategic deductions and credits to minimize your tax burden legally.

Our Tax Reduction Approach

We employ a tailored approach that includes income splitting and tax deferral. Our deep industry knowledge and proven track record set us apart in reducing business tax liabilities effectively.

Industries We Serve

Transportation, Construction, Insurance Agencies, Consulting Firms, and Professional Services. Each industry has unique tax challenges that we are expertly prepared to tackle.

Secure Plus Financial
Picture of Omar Garcia, CEO of Secure Plus Financial, closing a deal with a client in the transportation industry

Increase Cash Flow and Reduce Taxes

Reducing your tax liability is not just an option—it’s necessary to maintain a healthy bottom line for your business. Our specialized tax strategies are designed to help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

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Save money in Taxes even if you already have an Accountant!

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Client Testimonials

I run a one-man trucking business and had a great experience working with Mr. Garcia! His team was professional and efficient in getting my taxes done. They provided me with the best possible advice for my unique situation and I'm very satisfied with the result.
Campbell Patterson
Omar was awesome and very knowledgeable. Always willing to help. He helped me for my income tax return, LLC, and bookkeeping. Biggest return Ive had in a long time. Will definitely continue going with them.
Jesus Cantu
Omar and his team at Secure plus Finacial have really been there for me, have gone above and beyond with there service, they have played a huge roll in my Finacial growth in my company!
Felipe Muniz

Let us help you minimize your tax liabilities and uncover opportunities to save thousands of dollars annually. Explore our tailored tax reduction strategies today.

Our team of professional experts in tax preparation will help you prepare and submit your individual and business tax return to the IRS in accordance with the latest tax legislation.

Why Choose Secure Plus Financial?

In the last 12 months, we helped our clients legally save over $1 million in Tax Payments!