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Texas Small Business Credit Initiative for Your Trucking Business

The wait is over! The Texas Small Business Credit Initiative is now open and accepting applications. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to fuel your trucking business.

Starting January 15, 2024, unlock this unique opportunity designed for trucking companies. Get funds + guarantees that can drive your business expansion and success.

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Flexible Funds

Experience the power of flexibility with the Texas Small Business Credit Initiative. Use the funds to accelerate your trucking business to new horizons.

Whether expanding your fleet of trucks, investing in equipment, covering operational costs, financing start-up costs, or even securing working capital for lean periods, this program has you covered.

We help you secure the funding you need to boost your company's cash flow:

  • Business Evaluation
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Application Assistance
  • Case Tracking
  • Continued Support
  • Tailored Financial Advice

Lower Interest Rates

With the Texas Small Business Credit Initiative, experience the advantage of potentially lower interest rates. Although the program does not directly control the interest rates, it creates a favorable environment for securing loans with competitive rates.

Thanks to the program’s influence and its collaboration with various financial institutions, you have an opportunity to secure loans with lower interest rates and better payment plans.

Working Capital

With the Texas Small Business Credit Initiative, working capital is no longer a roadblock. The funds obtained through this program can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. Fleet Expansion: Acquire new trucks or upgrade your existing fleet to meet the increasing demands of your clients.
  2. Equipment Acquisition: Invest in advanced equipment or technologies that increase efficiency and productivity.
  3. Kickstart Q1 2024: Secure additional working capital to invest in your trucking business and obtain a financial cushion to start Q1 solid.
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Our Dedicated Team

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Chief Tech Officer

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Founder & CEO

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Empower Your Trucking Business

Unleash the potential of the Texas Small Business Credit Initiative to accelerate your trucking operations. From fleet expansion to securing a financial cushion for Q1, we drive the road to your success.